Kansas basketball: Social media reacts to controversial flagrant foul called against Ernest Udeh Jr.

Social media wasn't too happy about Saturday's game-altering call
TCU v Kansas
TCU v Kansas / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Kansas basketball somehow escaped with a win this past Saturday and avoided yet another upset by TCU in Allen Fieldhouse. A large factor in KU's victory was a multi-point turnaround caused by a flagrant foul by former Jayhawk Ernest Udeh Jr. Here is the play that college basketball fans went berserk over.

According to the NCAA rulebook, "A flagrant 1 foul is two shots and the ball and that means excessive in nature or unnecessary or avoidable, uncalled for or not required by the circumstances of the play." Should it have been a flagrant? Questionable, but we'll leave that up to your interpretation.

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, there were some great social media eruptions on both ends. The call was highly controversial and people on X (formerly Twitter) weren't afraid to share their opinions — specifically those who don't root for the Jayhawks.

"Kansas cheated more than any program in the history of college basketball nothing happened to them and their coach got a lifetime contract. Why would you think the refs wouldn't cheat for them?" an angry user commented.

"Kansas always gets away with murder. Bill Self has always been a cheat as well. Only Kansas homers disagree," another added.

"The FLOP and the fake FLAGRANT foul. KU, Bill Self and the REFS.......ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER!!!" someone in denial tweeted.

"Absolutely livid. Refs cost TCU a win they earned. Garbage. And we don’t even get a shot at redemption in our house. The Big 12 HAS to fix the officiating," a TCU podcaster wrote.

Here are some more reactions from other fanbases.

Meanwhile, Kansas basketball fans and some others agreed with the call, claiming it fit the bill of a Flagrant 1.

There are even some K-State fans backing the Jayhawks.