Kansas Basketball: Rock Chalk Christmas Player Present Edition

Gunnar Word/GettyImages

We had some fun with Halloween and Thanksgiving comparisons, so we will keep it rolling with player comparisons to Christmas presents. We have had a mixed bag of players and performances so far, and a few players that are trying to show their value. Here are each of the Kansas basketball scholarship players in Christmas present version.

Rock Chalk Christmas Player Present Edition

1. Hunter Dickinson

Big Hunter is that new shiny SUV sitting in your driveway with a bow on it. Hunter was the big transfer portal win that Coach Self reeled in, and he has been as advertised, averaging over 19 points a game and leading the nation in rebounds at over 12 a game. We all know that the value of a car drops as soon as it is driven off the lot. While we couldn't be more excited about Hunter and his production, his defense needs to improve as athletic players drive around him like a kid in driver's ed driving around cones in a parking lot.

2. Kevin McCullar

Kevin is the new iPhone 15. We all knew how valuable Kevin was last year, as he was a key piece in his first year as a Jayhawk. The 2023-24 version of Kevin McCullar shows that he is worth all the new upgrades, as he has drastically upgraded his game and is a true alpha leader on both ends of the floor. People may be enamored with the new car, but make no mistake — this team will come and go with Kevin McCullar. The go-anywhere guard plays elite defense and can score at all three levels.

3. KJ Adams

KJ is a new pair of Adidas shoes. KJ provides versatility to the KU lineup. Like a new pair of kicks, he provides some highlights in big slams but can get you where you need to go. KJ's motor doesn't stop, and he proves he can guard any player on the opposing team from PG to Center. He has been the third most consistent player on this team and also the third leading scorer at 13 points a game.

4. Dajuan Harris

Dajuan came into the season with a lot of hype for the veteran guard. He has not lived up to that hype. Juan is sitting under the tree as a piece of coal. The enigmatic guard is having his worst season since his freshman year. Juan has been careless with the ball, turning it over at the highest rate of his career at 2.6 turnovers a game. His defense has also not been as locked down as we have witnessed in the past and he continues to miss open shots. Juan did not improve on his shooting in the offseason. He had a big game against Kentucky but outside of that has been a disappointment this year. Hoping he turns it around.

5. Nicolas Timberlake

Timberlake is a new air fryer. While we have hoped he would be instant offense of the game and heat up fast, he has not been that yet. Nicolas is coming off his best game as a Jayhawk with 13 points against Yale. Hoping he can show to be a game changer like the air fryer and provide instant heat-up offense off the bench.

6. Johnny Furphy

Johnny is a new set of Callaway golf clubs. When you look at Johnny, like a new set of clubs, you can't help but smile and be excited. Johnny provides a solid all-around game and can score at all three levels, rebound, and knows how to play. Like the new clubs, we know it will take some time to get used to them, and there will be ups and downs. The potential is there and as the year progresses he will get more and more comfortable and be more of a threat. Johnny has that short and long-term potential to help KU be great this year and beyond.

7. Parker Braun

Parker is a new winter coat. You might not know you need it, but when it is cold outside and Hunter needs a break it can come through to keep you warm and the 'Hawks going. Parker is never going to be a headliner, but he can play his role, play solid defense, finish at the rim, and be a solid contributor to this team.

8. Jamari McDowell

Jamari is a scratch-off ticket. McDowell was an afterthought to the newcomers that came to Lawrence. He has shown that he can come in and impact outcomes, as he has helped us win several games already and has the potential to be a key contributor for years to come. Jamari represents the scratch-off as coming in didn't think it would produce but as we started scratching it off we realized that Jamari has more game than everyone thought and is proving that he is a winner.

9. Elmarko Jackson

Elmarko is a new hat. I love hats. They are versatile and you can wear them to any occasion or game. Elmarko arrived at Lawrence as that shiny new hat with all the potential. He is one of the most athletic players on our roster and was a McDonald's All-American for a reason. While we hoped he was going to show up and be that Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII Tarmac hat (an instant classic, must-wear hat), Elmarko has not been that yet. He has shown to be a solid rotational hat that you can rock and roll with at any time. Here is hoping for his conference season to be a hat you don't want to take off and mix it up with a different hat.