Kansas Jayhawks: Revisiting Five Bold Predictions


Toward the end of January I wrote a piece on KC Kingdom entitled “Kansas Jayhawks: Five Bold Predictions for the Rest of the Regular Season.”

With the season ending Saturday, let’s take a look at how on (or off) I was with the predictions.

On to the first one:

1. Devonte’ Graham will be the key to the Jayhawks’ success 

I think it’s pretty safe to say I didn’t hit this nail on the head, but wasn’t completely off either. Since the article ran, Graham has averaged 4.3 points, 1.6 assists, and 1.4 turnovers per game. That isn’t exactly the key to the Big 12 Conference title run.

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However, I did say if Frank Mason III were to get hurt, Graham would become invaluable — and he would have been.

Good thing for everyone, Mason has stayed healthy, and instead of needing to be spelled by Graham, they have played alongside often because Mason racked up 33 minutes or more seven of 12 games since then.

On a positive note: Graham scored a career-high 20 against TCU on Feb. 21 in a single-digit victory, and he made two free throws Tuesday with 10.5 seconds left to force overtime in the win against West Virginia.

All was not lost in the prediction:

Prediction meter (10 assists the best, 1 assists the worst): 4 assists

2. Someone for KU will score 30 points in a game this year

There is still some time left, but it’s not looking good. I predicted Kelly Oubre, Jr. would be the first to do it against West Virginia in Lawrence.

The freshman ended up with 12.

Perry Ellis almost made me look good the game before against Texas, as he poured in 28 points. I was just one missed layup (too soon?) away from being right on this one, just with the wrong guy.

It still wasn’t a great prediction however, as no one else has really even come that close to 30 in a game this year save for Ellis’ performance.

The only hope is that with Ellis, Cliff Alexander, and possibly Wayne Selden Jr. out Saturday against Oklahoma, Oubre accomplishes it one game later than expected.

Prediction meter (10 points the best, 1 point the worrst): 6 points

3. KU will not lose a home game this year

Ding, ding, ding!

Look, this wasn’t the toughest prediction to make considering they have won their last 190 out of 199 games in Allen Fieldhouse, but the Jayhawks sure made us sweat a little.

They had to come back from an 18-point, first half-deficit, and eight-point deficit with 1:57 to play Tuesday against West Virginia to make it happen.

Texas and Baylor had the Jayhawks on the ropes as well, but alas they did what they do, and finished with a clean slate at home for the fifth time in 12 years under Self.

At least I didn’t finish 0-5.

Prediction meter (10 home court advantages the best, 1 home court advantage the worst):  10 home court advantages

4. Cliff Alexander will average a double-double from here on out

5. KU will finish 14-4, one game ahead of Iowa St., and claim its 11th straight conference title

Well, there is chance I predict this one correctly, but if the Jayhawks only finish one game ahead of Iowa St., it means they lose at Oklahoma.

Let’s take a game-by-game look at my predictions.

  • @ Texas – L
  • @ TCU – W
  • K-State – W
  • ISU – W
  • @ OSU – L
  • @ Texas Tech – W
  • Baylor – W
  • @ WVU – W
  • @ K-State – W
  • WVU – W
  • @ OU – L

The bold games are the ones I lucked out and predicted correctly because there were only two choices.

I will have to be wrong Saturday to actually be correct in my 14-4 predictions.

In other words, my prediction game is pretty off.

However, don’t think that is going to stop me now.

Look for the Jayhawks to prove me wrong, and take down an inconsistent Sooner team at home, despite being a few players short.

Head Coach Bill Self instills pride in this team, and it’s possible they know a Self-coached Jayhawk team has never lost five conference games in the regular season.

Prediction meter: (10 Wins the best, 1 win the worst): 7 wins

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