Kansas Jayhawks: What a Redesigned Helmet Could Look Like


If you are a sports traditionalist you love what the Cleveland Browns just did with their “new logo.”

If you like a little more flare, a la the Oregon Ducks, then these redesigned NCAA helmets are right up your ally.

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The Ducks started with their shiny helmets and bright jersey colors nearly a decade ago, and it certainly hasn’t hurt them as they seem to contend for a national championship every year.

Recently, Deeyung Entertainment released their redesigns of more than 60 NCAA football helmets. It would be pretty cool to see these all over the field.

We’ve already see some other crazy helmets besides Oregon.

Maryland went with their state flag a few years ago, and just last year actually had the national anthem on a helmet.

The Memphis Tigers actually played in a game with these helmets that could double as a mirror.

So Deeyung’s designs aren’t that far off from some of the helmets we have already seen, but the big difference if these ever did hit the field is the amount of teams that would have them.   And it’s not as if the Jayhawks have shied away from having some flare on their helmets.

The one Deeyung chose for Kansas promintley displays the Jayhawk like the one above, and we all know KU doesn’t shy away from making the Jayhawk as big as possible.

At this point with Kansas football I don’t think any change is going to hurt the program, and if some cool helmets are the answer, then I say strap them on and give them a try. Of course something like this happening for most or all of the NCAA football teams isn’t going to be this year. However, considering the fact that the uniforms sometimes play a role in a recruit’s choice of school, we may be heading in that direction sooner than later.  What do you think? Are you more of a traditionalist and want to see something for Kansas closer to the Browns’ logo, or are you good with the new look college football seems to be moving toward?    

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