Top 10 all-time rebounders in Kansas Jayhawks basketball history

The Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball program is one of the most storied in history. Who are the best rebounders to play at KU?
Kansas Jayhawks all-time great Wilt Chamberlain
Kansas Jayhawks all-time great Wilt Chamberlain / Ross Lewis/GettyImages
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No. 2: Raef LaFrentz, 1,186 rebounds, 1994-1998

Like Collison and the player at number one on this list, LaFrentz is in the top three all-time in both scoring and rebounds. He was also a two-time consensus first-team All-American.

He played in 131 with the Kansas basketball team, starting all of them. The Jayhawks won 123 games in his years at KU.

He scored 2,066 points, averaging 15.8 a game. He recorded 1,186 rebounds at a 9.1 per game clip. While he may not have been as great of an all-around player as a few other guys on this list, he was an outstanding one, and one of the best in school history!

In a crazy statistical happenstance, his rebounding total fell just one short of tying the school record, and two shy of setting a new mark.