Top 10 all-time rebounders in Kansas Jayhawks basketball history

The Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball program is one of the most storied in history. Who are the best rebounders to play at KU?
Kansas Jayhawks all-time great Wilt Chamberlain
Kansas Jayhawks all-time great Wilt Chamberlain / Ross Lewis/GettyImages
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No. 4: Bill Bridges, 1,081 rebounds, 1958-1961

Bridges was only able to play for three seasons in Lawrence, but it was because freshmen weren't allowed to play at the time. Still, he managed to score more than 1,000 points and record more than a 1,000 rebounds.

In all, he scored 1,028 points, an average of 13.2 per game. He led the Big 8 in rebounds all three of his season, finishing his career with 1,081, averaging an amazing 13.9 per game. To illustrate how good of a rebounder Bridges was, there is nearly a 150-rebound gap between fourth and fifth place!

Bridges went on to a long 16-year NBA career, where he averaged averaged 11.9 points a game and 11.9 rebounds per game over his career. He was also a three-time NBA All-Star!