Projected Kansas basketball starting lineup after Jayhawks addition of Rylan Griffen

There are plenty of lineup combinations Bill Self can experiment with
Missouri v Alabama
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Rylan Griffen, Tamar Bates
Missouri v Alabama / Brandon Sumrall/GettyImages

Shooting Guard - Rylan Griffen

For a few weeks, it appeared that Mayo would be the top option to start alongside Harris at the two-guard. However, Griffen should be a plug-and-play the second he steps foot in Lawrence. The 6-foot-5 guard shoots threes at a high clip and is an above-average wing defender. 

Griffen is the ideal 3-and-D wing in KU's starting five. While he has not accomplished as much as Mayo in the past, Griffen is more of a role player and should fit in the lineup nicely. The SDSU transfer should serve as the sixth man who can provide scoring bursts when the offense gets stagnant. There could also be games where Coach Self decides to alter the starting lineup depending on opposing matchups.