Predicting which Kansas basketball players leave or stay with Jayhawks next season

A number of Jayhawks have an important decision to make this offseason
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K.J. Adams Jr.
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F KJ Adams - Stay

Adams would not even be mentioned on this list if not for what he said during his postgame interview after the Jayhawks lost to Gonzaga. When asked if he would return to Kansas for his senior year, he expressed uncertainty and stated he was not sure yet.

While his answer raised some questions around the KU fanbase, it was likely a heat-of-the-moment comment. There have been no indications suggesting the 6-foot-7 forward is contemplating the transfer portal. Even with the question marks surrounding his fit with the team and whether his role would be slightly relegated next year, fans should definitely expect KJ back for one more season. He is a true Jayhawk, through and through.