3 lessons from former Kansas Jayhawks prove that Johnny Furphy should enter NBA Draft

While it is still up in the air if Johnny Furphy will look at declaring for the 2024 NBA Draft, the experiences of former Jayhawks, Brandon Rush, Wayne Selden Jr., and Gradey Dick should provide some valuable lessons that point Furphy in the direction of entering the upcoming draft.
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Learn from Gradey Dick… Lottery picks get NBA minutes (and money) right away

Lastly, If all indications point to Furphy being more of a late-first-round pick there is likely more merit to the idea of returning to Kansas. Late-first-rounders understandably play fewer minutes right away since they are usually being drafted to better teams that have less of an active emphasis on player development. With that being said, if he is projected top-15, Furphy’s role would likely be bigger earlier on. Just ask fellow Jayhawk, Gradey Dick, who also entered the NBA Draft after his freshman year. After being selected 13th overall, he has played 15.3 minutes per game and has even bumped those minutes up to 20.5 per game in the month of February.

Also, even if Furphy elects to come back to Kansas for a sophomore season and improves his game, there is a fair to good chance that he will become a non-lottery pick/later draft selection in 2025. Not only is the 2025 draft class supposed to be stronger overall, but the wings (SG/SF) are especially loaded. Players like Ace Bailey, Dylan Harper, Drake Powell, Tre Johnson, Hugo Gonzalez, and Dame Sarr, among others, are all talented wings who will likely declare into the 2025 NBA Draft. 

All things considered, every KU basketball fan would love to have Furphy back for another season (or two). With that being said, that might not be the best thing for Furphy and his future NBA career. There are pros and cons to declaring for the draft this season, but absolutely no one should blame the young man if he decides to take the momentum that he has built up this season and run with it to the NBA sooner rather than later.