Brawn over Brains: Kansas basketball player ratings from A to Z in Jayhawks win over Yale

Yale v Kansas
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Bez Mbeng, Dajuan Harris Jr.
Yale v Kansas / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Tier 2: Baby Jays

4. Dajuan Harris

Juan had a rough first half where he had two turnovers, was beaten backdoor, gave up a couple of baskets, and was careless with the ball while hitting only one shot. The second half rolled around, and the player we hope to see on most nights started to show up and impact the game in a positive fashion. When Harris plays well, KU tends to play well. I'm hoping we can see more games of the second half Juan as opposed to what we saw in the first half. Juan finished with 10 points, six assists, one rebound, four steals, one block and two turnovers.

5. Hunter Dickinson

Hunter didn't play well. He was scored on quickly and could not guard Wolf on defense. It forced Self to make an early change to KJ guarding him. On offense, Hunter never really got in rhythm going 4-for-9 from the field. Yale collapsed quickly when he would get a touch and did a good job limiting his impact on the game. He finished with eight points, 10 rebounds, one assist, two blocks and three turnovers.