Survive and Advance: Kansas Jayhawks basketball player ratings from A to Z in win over Samford

Samford v Kansas
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Elmarko Jackson, Parker Braun
Samford v Kansas / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Tier 3: No Jays

7. Parker Braun

Parker came in and played just two minutes of action and recorded a block in his time. He didn't have any stats and was in during a run by Samford, which was not his fault, which led to Hunter immediately coming back needing his offense. I look for him to have a bigger impact on Saturday in relief of Hunter.

8. Jamari McDowell

Jamari came in and got three minutes of run. He did not have a productive game, finishing with one turnover and a foul in his brief time out there. A tough matchup to deal with the pressure, but Jamari could still provide crucial production in future games.

Survive and advance, and that is just what we did. Onto Gonzaga. As Always Rock Chalk and Let's Go!!