No Show: Kansas Jayhawks basketball player ratings from A to Z in loss at Houston

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Mar 9, 2024; Houston, Texas, USA; Kansas Jayhawks center Hunter Dickinson (1) controls the ball
Mar 9, 2024; Houston, Texas, USA; Kansas Jayhawks center Hunter Dickinson (1) controls the ball / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tier 3: No Jays

2. Hunter Dickinson

Hunter left the game in the second half with what appeared to be a shoulder injury with 11 minutes remaining and did not return. He was 5-for-10 from the field and missed both his free throw attempts. Hunter finished the game with 11 points, six rebounds, two assists, one block, and two turnovers in 23 minutes.

3. Johnny Furphy

Johnny continued to struggle shooting the ball, going 2-for-9 for the game. He did a decent job tracking down some rebounds, but like the rest of the team, he struggled with the physicality of the game. Furphy had nine points, five rebounds, four assists, one steal, one block, and three turnovers.

4. Parker Braun

Parker played 10 minutes and did fine. Braun went 1-for-2 from the field, finishing at the rim and missing a 3-pointer badly. He finished with two points and a foul.

5. Nicolas Timberlake

Nicolas played 23 minutes and went 1-for-4 from the field. Timberlake did scrap on some rebounds but didn't knock down shots like he did against K-State. Nicolas finished with four points, five rebounds, one assist, one steal, and two turnovers.

6. Elmarko Jackson

Elmarko played 14 minutes and was 2-for-3 from the floor. Jackson was careless with the ball and had a team-high four turnovers. Elmarko had four points, one assist, and those four turnovers.

7. Jamari McDowell

Jamari got the second-half start with Kevin sidelined for the second half. He played 17 minutes and was 0-for-5 from the field. McDowell had two points, two rebounds, one steal, and one turnover.