Updated Kansas Jayhawks basketball depth chart after Zeke Mayo, Riley Kugel additions

Kansas would have an extremely deep roster if the season began today
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Johnny Furphy
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Small Forward

1. Johnny Furphy
2. Riley Kugel
3. Rakease Passmore
4. Zeke Mayo

Furphy appears to be a 50/50 split between returning to school and going pro. But for the sake of the article, we will pretend he plays another year at KU. He took the starting shooting guard spot from Jackson during conference play, but with Mayo likely beginning the year in the starting five, Furphy would have to shift over to small forward.

Kugel is listed second on both shooting guard and small forward because he would presumably be the first player off the bench, regardless of who is subbed out. Passmore could surprise people and take on an extended role in his freshman year, but not enough to jump Kugel. Mayo is listed fourth because he can fit into the play style of a wing, though he is rather undersized at 6-foot-4.