Kansas football transfer portal: Predicting who will stay or go

We predicted the decisions of Kansas football players who might have a transfer portal decision to make.

Sep 23, 2023; Lawrence, Kansas, USA; Kansas Jayhawks cornerback Cobee Bryant (2) intercepts a pass
Sep 23, 2023; Lawrence, Kansas, USA; Kansas Jayhawks cornerback Cobee Bryant (2) intercepts a pass / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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Other potential transfer portal entries

Aside from those three, there aren't any players with a glaring decision awaiting them. Still, with the nature of the portal nowadays, anybody can leave at any given moment.

I'd expect key wide receivers like Luke Grimm, Lawrence Arnold, and Quentin Skinner to return. Those three have set-in-stone roles and do well with the Jayhawks. I also think Daniel Hishaw Jr. will be back, regardless of Neal's decision, because he will be the main guy when he is gone. Former Nebraska running back Sevion Morrison could be a transfer candidate if Neal returns.

On the offensive line, we could see one or two departures. If someone was to go, I'd expect it to be a player running out of eligibility who doesn't start. Logan Brown and Spencer Lovell could be candidates if the one-time transfer rule changes.

On the defensive line, I'd imagine Austin Booker's partner Jereme Robinson is getting looks from other schools, but there haven't been any stories to suggest he is in danger of leaving. Davion Westmoreland might look for a better opportunity because with defensive end prospects Dak Brinkley and Deshawn Warner coming next year, it's hard to see where he fits at KU, and he is far too talented to ride the bench for three more years.

That's about all I can think of on the defensive end. We shouldn't see too many Kansas football players enter the portal this offseason. However, KU is nearing its scholarship limit right now, so it might be a good thing if some bench players leave.