Kansas football: Social media reacts to dreadful officiating in Guaranteed Rate Bowl

Officiating was in the first half of the UNLV vs. Kansas football game

Dec 26, 2023; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Kansas Jayhawks quarterback Jason Bean (9) throws a pass during the
Dec 26, 2023; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Kansas Jayhawks quarterback Jason Bean (9) throws a pass during the / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you're tuned into the Guaranteed Rate Bowl, you have probably taken note of the officiating. There have been a combined 15 penalties between Kansas and UNLV through the first half. The Jayhawks have been hit with a handful of unsportsmanlike conduct calls and an unbelievable 140 total penalty yards.

It hasn't only been bad refereeing on KU's end. On the second drive of the game for KU, Quentin Skinner clearly bobbled a ball on a long catch, albeit on a great effort. Regardless, the refs missed it and let the game play on. Then, when he clearly made a great catch in the red zone, the refs reviewed it for five minutes. What are we doing here?

To make matters worse, the referee's microphone has been off the entire game. Fans have been left no choice but to read his lips or wait for Beth Mowins and Kirk Morrison to speak (not to mention they've done a terrible job calling this game, making several name mishaps).

"This Kansas/UNLV game is an absolute **** show. The ref’s mic isn’t working and it’s chippy as hell, and to top it all off, it’s Beth Mowins on the call," one X user tweeted.

"The amount of penalties the refs are calling in this Kansas/UNLV is absolutely insane. There is a flag on every other play…" someone else said.

"It’s a shame the mike isn’t working for the head ref in this UNLV Kansas game since they are throwing a flag EVERY PLAY. Marv Levy would call them “over-officious jerks” a person joked.

KU's coach isn't very happy either. "Wow, sounds like Lance Leipold went semi-scorched earth during the halftime radio interview. He said something along the lines of wondering if the game could get a new crew. Said he doesn't know what to tell his team about the officiating at halftime," Michael Swain tweeted about Leipold.

Here are some other live reactions to the poor job by the officials.