Kansas football all-time leaders in passing yards

A couple of recent quarterbacks for the Kansas Jayhawks have shaken up the list for the most passing yards in school history.
Kansas football star quarterback Jalon Daniels
Kansas football star quarterback Jalon Daniels / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages
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No. 3: Kelly Donohoe, 1986-89, 5,382 yards

Like Carter Stanley, Donohoe was a not-so-great quarterback on some really awful teams. KU went 9-34 during the course of his four years in the crimson and blue, only three of which came against Big 8 competition.

During his junior and senior seasons, he threw for a decent amount of yards, but he was an interception machine, throwing 26, and 45 for his career. He makes this list, and is this high strictly on opportunity of playing time.

His last two seasons on Mt. Oread saw him accumulate nearly 4,000 passing yards, but like Jaynes, he didn't have any positive rushing yards in his career.


  • Completion Percentage - 52.3%
  • Passing Yards - 5,382
  • Passing Touchdowns - 24
  • Interceptions - 45
  • Rushing Touchdowns - 12

Donohoe also has the distinction of playing between two of Kansas' better passing quarterbacks in the eighties, not only for KU but also in the Big 8. His numbers just don't compare favorably to Norseth's or Frank Seurer's.