Country Roads: Kansas basketball player rankings from A to Z in loss at West Virginia

Kansas v West Virginia
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Dajuan Harris Jr.
Kansas v West Virginia / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

Tier 3: No Jays

6. Dajuan Harris

Dajuan was pretty much a nonfactor most of the game going 2-for-5 from the field. He finished with four points, five assists, five steals, one block, no rebounds, and no turnovers. Great to see him take care of the ball, but we need him to be more aggressive on the offensive side of the ball especially in the second half with several others struggling to shoot.

7. Elmarko Jackson

Elmarko played eight minutes off the bench. He was called for a reaching foul with less than 25 seconds left as it was close to a 10-second call. A questionable call that Self was visibly disagreeing with. Elmarko had very little impact on the game, scoring two points while adding one rebound on the night.

8. Parker Braun

Parker played five minutes and the only stat he registered was a foul. He didn't attempt a shot and did not have an impact on either end of the floor.

9. Jamari McDowell

Jamari came in for the last play of the first half and fouled, leading to two free throws and two points for West Virginia. That was his only time and resulted in a negative two points.

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