Kansas basketball: Could federal judge’s recent NCAA transfer ruling affect the Jayhawks?

A recent ruling from a federal judge could be a gateway for Kansas basketball to add another player at semester.
NCAA Logo / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Let's face it — the NCAA isn't perfect. If anything, it's far from perfect and pretty unfair. Student-athletes could not receive benefits from schools until NIL was introduced in 2021, and with the recent boom of transfer portal entries, college athletics have been more hectic than ever.

There is one specific rule that has a lot of people upset. Undergraduate student-athletes are permitted one transfer in their collegiate careers without any repercussions. They can depart for a new school and become immediately eligible for the university's respective athletic program. If they transfer for a second time, though, they need an eligibility waiver from the NCAA, and they must sit out for one year if it is denied.

Fans across the country have complained that it is unfair to make these kids sit out for one year. However, District Judge John Preston Bailey placed a temporary 14-day restraining order on the NCAA for the rule. As it currently stands, formerly ineligible players such as West Virginia's RaeQuan Battle or Florida State's Primo Spears could play during this two-week span.

There might not be any players who play until the hearing for the restraining order occurs on Dec. 27. This is because there could be major ramifications if the NCAA wins the suit. However, if the rule does indeed change, there could be something in the works for Kansas basketball.

Assuming there is a player who has been sitting out this season and is unhappy in their situation, they could transfer to the Jayhawks and become immediately eligible. Of course, this only becomes possible if the rule is passed.

With the way the roster is currently constructed, Kansas could use some big-man depth to relieve Hunter Dickinson or another scoring guard to compete with Elmarko Jackson for minutes. Bill Self did say a few days ago that the coaching staff was not looking at any specific players to add during winter break. But it is something to keep in mind for a team that has an extremely thin bench and could sustain injuries during conference play.

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