Kansas basketball reportedly losing Jayhawks transfer portal commit Riley Kugel

The Kansas basketball team seems to have lost one of their key transfer portal players in former Florida Gator Riley Kugel
Former Kansas basketball commit Riley Kugel (2)
Former Kansas basketball commit Riley Kugel (2) / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

According to CBS Sports writer Matt Norlander, the Kansas basketball program is losing one of their committed transfer portal recruits. Riley Kugel, formerly with the Florida Gators, will not be joining the Jayhawks.

Kugel was due to be part of a super transfer portal class this fall, joining Rylan Griffen, AJ Storr, and Zeke Mayo. These transfers were on top of incoming freshmen Flory Bidunga and Rakease Passmore.

The Jayhawks currently sits at 11 players, with a 12th, Johnny Furphy testing the waters around the 2024 NBA Draft. In an interview with Andy Katz, Self indicated he expected Furphy to remain in the draft pool and probably won't return to Kansas. He also discusses Kugel's situation just a bit.

If both Kugel and Furphy are indeed done, this leaves head coach Bill Self at least one more scholarship to give, and maybe two. KU still has to give up one more scholarship either this year or next due to self-imposed sanctions.

It seems as if the most likely scenario, considering how the roster is already set up, is that Self will add one more player from the portal soon. He may be looking for something specific like a defensive stopper, or a three-point specialist, or maybe even a player who needs some developmental time.

He could go with a player with only one season of eligibility left, or he may choose someone who might be around for multiple years. It is almost certain he's still been recruiting to some extent.

Self will most certainly add one more player and take his scholarship penalty this season. It also gives him wiggle room if he adds someone, and then Furphy decides to return,. Then Self can finish of the penalty next season.

Regardless, this roster is still much stronger and deeper than than the one that finished the season several weeks ago. There is depth now in both the frontcourt and the backcourt. Hopefully, the glaring issue of consistent three-point shooting has been addressed. With the addition of Bidunga and with Zach Clemence coming off his redshirt season, there is a lot more talent and depth along the frontline.

It will be interesting to see who KU signs now. It is a certainty Self has a his eye on a number of players. Who is ready for November?