Road Rash: Kansas basketball player ratings from A to Z in road loss to Texas Tech

Kansas v Texas Tech
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Dajuan Harris Jr.
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Tier 3: No Jays

4. Parker Braun

Parker played only six minutes. He had one rebound and one foul. It was surprising that he didn't get more minutes in a game where KJ and Hunter played so poorly, and mid-way through the second half the outcome was already decided. Parker didn't make a huge impact but he didn't hurt us either.

5. Dajuan Harris

Dajuan started and played 36 minutes coming off Saturday's game where he rolled his ankle late. He seemed to move around ok out there but lacked a little burst. Juan tried to be a little more aggressive on the offensive side, which I liked. However, he struggled to make any shots. Juan went 2-for-8 from the field, including 0-for-3 from deep. Harris finished with seven points, one rebound, three assists, one steal, one block, and three turnovers.

6. KJ Adams

KJ came into the game leading the Big 12 in field goal percentage and had been Mr. Consistency. He was not that tonight, going 1-for-10 from the field. His defense was the best for the Jayhawks on a night where we got burned and gave up a multitude of threes. KJ finished with five points, three rebounds, three assists, and no turnovers. This was his worst game of the year.

7. Hunter Dickinson

Hunter was off all night and didn't show great body language throughout. His defense continues to be subpar and his shot was off, going 2-for-12 overall, including 0-for-2 from three. Hunter finished with five points, seven rebounds, three assists, one steal, and two turnovers. Hunter was outplayed by the man he guarded and outproduced once again. This was also his worst game as a Jayhawk.

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