Analyst: Kansas basketball has 'major red flags' that could hinder Big 12 title hopes

One college basketball analyst believes winning the Big 12 will be an uphill battle for Kansas basketball

Jan 20, 2024; Morgantown, West Virginia, USA; Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self reacts after a foul call
Jan 20, 2024; Morgantown, West Virginia, USA; Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self reacts after a foul call / Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's Kansas basketball loss to West Virginia exposed many of the Jayhawks' flaws. The team allowed a season-high 91 points and struggled to rebound the entire game, something that haunted them down the stretch.

Through five games in league play, KU's record is 3-2 with losses to the Mountaineers and UCF. In the new-look Big 12 with more title contenders than in past years, questions have risen regarding how well they will fare when the competition starts to pick up.

CBS Sports college basketball analyst Jon Rothstein believes the Jayhawks could have serious problems in not only postseason play, but even winning the Big 12 regular season championship — something Bill Self has done in 17 of the past 19 years.

"There are major, MAJOR red flags right now with the Kansas Jayhawks," Rothstein asserted during a segment of Inside College Basketball. "We were concerned about depth... Kansas right now, very vulnerable, not just in terms of going far in the NCAA Tournament, but in terms of winning the Big 12 regular season title."

Jayhawk fans probably agree with Rothstein's assessment. Although there have been games where Kansas looks like the best team in the nation, there are others where they seem disinterested and lazy on the court.

"Kansas has always looked like the Roman Empire in that league where you cannot beat them," former Texas Tech basketball coach Chris Walker later added. "Even at the bottom of the Big 12, you go on the road, and you can get beat."

Right now, Kansas basketball has to solve a handful of issues as Big 12 play begins to ramp up. Losing against a team that came into the game with a 6-11 record is uncharacteristic for a championship-hopeful squad. Bill Self and Co. have to get it going quickly if they want a chance at winning the coveted regular season title in the best conference in the sport.