Here's Johnny! Kansas basketball player ratings from A to Z for KU's win at Oklahoma State

Our three-tier player ratings for the Kansas basketball win

TCU v Kansas
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Elmarko Jackson, Milos Uzan
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Tier 3: No Jays

8. Elmarko Jackson

Elmarko, coming off the bench for the second consecutive game, played 13 minutes. He was beaten several times on defense and never looked to get fully engaged in the game. One positive was seeing him sub for the first time directly for Dajuan, where he could run the point. This is what I would love to see more of for multiple reasons, especially to give Juan more rest as well as to play Elmarko at his more natural position of point guard. Elmarko finished with two points, one rebound, one assist, one steal, and two turnovers.

9. Michael Jankovich

Jankovich played the last 2 minutes of the game and does what he does. Jank buried a deep 3-pointer, putting a cap on the night and the last points for the Jayhawks in a 90-66 win.

10. Jamari McDowell

Jamari played the last three minutes of the game with the outcome already decided. He had one foul and no other stats on the night.

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