Recent Bill Self comments point to Kansas Jayhawks guard Johnny Furphy staying in draft

Furphy is trending toward being a one-and-done player
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Kansas basketball fans received nothing but good news during the early stages of this offseason. HC Bill Self landed the majority of his top targets, filling several needs with the transfer portal while returning Wooden Award candidate Hunter Dickinson and two other starters. Things were looking perfect for KU.

While the Jayhawks still project to be a top contender in NCAA hoops next season, the team has been surrounded by a few less-than-ideal rumors in recent days. In an interview with CBB expert Andy Katz, Coach Self stated he was unsure whether Florida transfer Riley Kugel would make his way to campus. He also mentioned KU guard Johnny Furphy and said he expects him to keep his name in the NBA Draft and forego his remaining collegiate eligibility.

Bill Self doesn't think Johnny Furphy will return to Kansas basketball

"Chances are I think that [Johnny Furphy] probably stays in the draft, because I think he’ll go in the first round."

Bill Self

After a surprisingly successful freshman year, the Australian native earned attention from professional scouts for his exceptional athleticism, length, and outside shooting. He averaged 9.0 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 1.0 assists on 46.6%/35.2%/76.5% shooting. Kansas received much more production from him once Self put him into the starting lineup during conference play.  

This shouldn't come as a shock to Jayhawk fans. Self is correct that he could go in Round 1 of the draft. He and former teammate Kevin McCullar are projected to land near each other in the draft toward the latter stages of the first round. Furphy is only 19 years old and has the potential to bud into an excellent NBA role player.

Coach Self said during the team's banquet dinner that they would recruit in the portal without the expectation that anyone would be back, and he was not lying. KU already added Furphy's presumed replacement in Rylan Griffen via the portal. His role at KU could be smaller than last year due to the abundance of guard depth.

Furphy returning for a second year would be welcomed by the coaching staff and Jayhawk supporters, especially given the recent uncertainty surrounding Kugel. However, the likelihood is that he finishes his time in Lawrence as a one-and-done player. Furphy has until May 29 to withdraw his name from the draft or return to school.