3 Jayhawks that Kansas basketball needs to bring back for the 2024-25 season

Bill Self and Kansas must make sure these three Jayhawks return to Lawrence for another season.
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Mar 23, 2024; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Kansas Jayhawks center Hunter Dickinson (1) drives
Mar 23, 2024; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Kansas Jayhawks center Hunter Dickinson (1) drives / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

1. Hunter Dickinson

The majority of the Kansas basketball offseason decisions will depend on Hunter Dickinson's judgment to go to the next level or return to the Jayhawks for a super senior season.

He would be entering his fifth year of collegiate basketball and could be a National Player of the Year candidate. Dickinson proved he is arguably the best offensive big during the Bill Self era after this season.

Criticize Dickinson's defense all you want. When you have a big man who draws double teams whenever he touches the ball because of how dominant he is offensively, you do everything you can to bring him back. There is no scenario where Bill Self says "no" to him if he wants to return next year.

Wishful thinking is that Dickinson recognizes that he does not have much of an NBA career ahead of him. He might earn more NIL at Kansas than he would with signing a G League contract. His game is simply not built for the pros.

KU failed to position capable defenders and shooters around him in his first season as a Jayhawk. If he runs it back with Coach Self, the coaching staff must put him in a more favorable situation. That might come at the cost of losing KJ Adams to the transfer portal, but Self must do everything necessary to keep Dickinson in the crimson and blue in 2024-25.