Ranking the 10 biggest Kansas basketball NBA Draft busts of all-time

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Kansas basketball holds a long list of alum who have made it to the NBA, but not all of them have panned out in the next level.

The Kansas Jayhawks have never had a shortage of NBA talent. There are currently eleven former Jayhawks in the NBA, and they have produced 83 NBA players since its inception in 1946. That number ranks fifth in history behind fellow blue-blood schools Kentucky, UCLA, Duke, and UNC.

Some Jayhawks have gone on to the NBA and immediately excelled. Look no further than Joel Embiid, who is considered by many to be the league’s MVP this season. Meanwhile, other players have not been able to handle the pressure of playing on the biggest stage of their careers.

No one can deny that Kansas has produced some of the best basketball players in the NBA’s extensive history. Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest of his time, and the school also boasts Hall of Famers such as Paul Pierce and Jo Jo White. Now, we will look at players who did not live up to their expectations.

One caveat worth noting is that the player’s time at Kansas was not considered when making this list. It only accounts for where they were drafted, their expectations coming into the league, and how their NBA career turned out. These are the ten biggest Kansas basketball busts of all time.

Stats retrieved from ESPN.com and NCAA.com

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