Bill Self encourages Jayhawk fans to ‘buy in’ to Kansas football

It’s no secret that two-time national champion head coach Bill Self’s voice carries a lot of weight when it comes to Kansas basketball and the University of Kansas as a whole. Next to perhaps Chancellor Doug Girod and Athletics Director Travis Goff, there is no one who grabs the attention of Jayhawk fans like Self.

That’s what makes his recent comments about the Kansas football program all the more important.

Self stopped by one of the football practices this week and spoke with “Voice of the Jayhawks” Brian Hanni to give his thoughts on the KU football program and how their success is important for the university.

“We haven’t seen the potential of this place until football gets going like it can,” Self said. “And of course, it can’t get going unless people buy in. Lance has got all the players to buy in, administration, staff, everybody else to buy in; but until the fans also buy in, it’s going to be a much more difficult process.”

It’s understandable why Kansas fans may be hesitant to spend their time and money on a program that has offered little in return these past 12 years. There’s been bad coaching hires, embarrassing headlines, infamous losing streaks, and more that would make many question their fandom and loyalty to a program.

Not to mention that nowadays the entertainment options are endless for sports fans – even from the comfort of their own homes.

But this is a new head coach and new staff and new team who showed improvement at the end of year one. And this team and coaching staff – according to Self – deserve our support and need our support in order to get this program turned around more quickly.

“It’s the chicken or the egg,” said Self. “Do you wait until you win to come, or do you come to help them win? I think the latter is definitely the way this program needs it in order to build it quicker.”

Much like the “Pay Heed” banner that hangs in Allen Fieldhouse, Kansas fans should heed the sentiment given by Self this week at practice.

Fans can, and will, play a role in the football program’s future. The quicker they buy in, the quicker this program may finally get turned around.