Kansas basketball: The three is key for the Jayhawks

The Kansas basketball team is in need of much improved three-point shooting this year.

It’s clear Bill Self made this a priority in the off-season as he brought in four transfers, all of whom shot over 34 percent from beyond the arc last season.

The most exciting of the four transfers is Remy Martin (Sr.). He’s a transfer from Arizona State and shot 34.6 percent from the three-point line last year. It’s not just his ability to shoot beyond the arc that makes him special, he’s also a big-time play-maker.

But Self didn’t stop at one guard transfer. He went after another big-time play-maker in Joseph Yesofu (So.) who had one of the more exciting NCAA tournaments last year and shot for 38.4 percent from three.

The third transfer is probably the least exciting but the most intriguing. Cam Martin (Sr.) played for a Jeff Boschee-coached Missouri Southern team and shot 45 percent beyond the arc last season. Martin appears to be a guy that when he gets hot from three he can’t miss.

Finally, in what appeared to be a trade with Iowa State, the Jayhawks gave up Tristan Enuruna to the Cyclones and gained Jalen Coleman-Lands (Sr.). It appeared to be a pretty good trade-off with Coleman-Lands shooting an incredible 39.5 percent from the three-point line last season.

Alongside the four transfers, the Jayhawks also return Christian Braun (Jr.), Ochai Agbaji (Sr.), and Jalen Wilson (So.)–all of whom shoot over 33 percent from three.

Self understands shooting the three is key for Kansas to be successful. In 14 seasons dating back to 2007-08, the Jayhawks won more than 30 games eight times. And in those eight seasons, they shot over 38 percent from three in all but two.

In the other six seasons, they shot below 38 percent in all of them. This is a clear indication that three-point shooting is a major factor in the Jayhawk’s success.

When a team is able to shoot well from the three-point line it opens up more opportunities for their offense. It also brings the defense out to the perimeter to guard tighter defense which opens up more space for the bigs down-low. And that’s the kind of game Self loves to play most–the high low.

Last season was not the way Self expected it to go and he’s making sure this year plays out with a better result. Having seven experienced players who can shoot over 33 percent from the three-point line is setting up for a successful and exciting season.