Kansas basketball should look into Gonzaga transfer Aaron Cook

Gonzaga transfer Aaron Cook has decided to move on with his extra year of eligibility, which presents Kansas basketball with an opportunity to express some interest in the veteran guard.

Finding over 13 minutes per game this past season, Cook was a regular substitution for the Bulldogs throughout their regular season. By the end of the 2020-21 season, Cook was finding a couple of buckets per game.

Despite not finding a high scoring percentage, Aaron saw consistent floor time during his brief time with Gonzaga. Considering his previous tenure at Southern Illinois, Cook has been looking for the opportunity to contribute.

However, he didn’t seem to find a starting job on the Bulldogs’ roster. This may have limited his ability to showcase his talent, despite finding a few flashes this past season.

A major drawback will be his defense, which wasn’t the best during the bottom half of his last season in Spokane. Aaron’s rebounding was consistent, but he struggled to find steals late in the year.

While this is an area of concern, his experienced offensive support should be what fans pay attention to. There’s room on Kansas’ roster for offensive support and Cook could be the guy to fill the void.

He’s seen consistent growth over the years and there’s a reason he caught some attention when he announced his departure from Gonzaga.

The bottom line is: Cook is a seasoned player. He’s been playing at the college level for five years now and has seen some prime-time action.

Now, this alone isn’t a reason to put faith in a player, but Aaron has a different case. This is a guy who can make strong responses and finish at the hoop.

The Jayhawks need support up-top offensively and with the group of fresh potential coming in, it wouldn’t hurt to score a guy who’s been the block.