Kansas basketball: Jalen Wilson finds another strong performance against Iowa State

Back-to-back matchups with Iowa State gave Jalen Wilson his time to shine as Kansas basketball picks up their third straight win.

Traveling to Ames this weekend, Kansas basketball found another win against the Cyclones to extend their good spirits. The matchup featured another solid performance from sophomore guard Jalen Wilson, who had contributed well in this past Friday’s win.

Jalen had given fans a lot to be happy about, leading Kansas with 22 points, 4 three-point buckets, and 10 rebounds. He found himself all over the court, being utilized extremely well defensively, sustaining the pressure against the Cyclones.

Kansas found themselves going back and forth in the first half, finding themselves lined right up with the Cyclones at the half. Wilson has become more consistent over his last few games, which is something that should ease a fan’s conscience.

Having Jalen back in the groove is going to be a major asset for Kansas as they head into some of their late-season obstacles.

Keep in mind, however, that Kansas was going up against a program that hasn’t found a conference win yet. There were times that things got narrow for the Jayhawks and Cyclones, and all it took was a spark to changes things for Iowa State. Fortunately, this didn’t occur.

Another thought I have is that maybe this is what Wilson needed? A change of pace so he could become more confident with himself and make some serious strides this late in the season.

Confidence will be the biggest factor for him next week. After back-to-back performances like that, it’s going to be very interesting to see where he’s at come time to play Texas Tech.

The good news is that next up on the agenda is a road trip against Kansas State this coming Wednesday, which should serve as another opportunity for Jalen to continue developing his mindset ahead of the last couple of tough matchups finishing off Kansas’ season.