Kansas basketball: Mitch Lightfoot is excelling in his supporting role on this roster

Despite the struggles Kansas basketball has seen in their recent contests, senior Mitch Lightfoot has stood out in a supportive role for the Jayhawks.

Mitch Lightfoot has seen a lengthy amount of experience with Kansas basketball and after redshirting last season, he is helping channel some offensive action for the Jayhawks in his final season of eligibility.

While he isn’t starting off the bench, he still finds himself strong minutes nearly every game. This has to do with what kind of player he is for Kansas and the majority of his college career, he has been a reliable guy for head coach Bill Self to utilize to help win games.

This has helped him stood out for this roster and his ability to hop off the bench strong has been lightening the load a bit for Kansas.

Lately, the Jayhawks have had a tough time finding defensive stability, and following some of these recent losses, it’s no wonder why Mitch is finding the kind of time he’s seeing on the floor. He may only average a few points per game but he has been contributing well for Kansas.

Lightfoot has been a rebounding machine for the Jayhawks, finding at least a pair in every game. He has also commonly found takeaways for Kansas and can be very quick to get inside and find a steal. Lightfoot is consistent in these areas, even in small doses, and this has been getting him playing time for sure.

Against Baylor, the senior forward a decent performance with 8 points and 4 rebounds. Mitch also found a two-hand jam in the second half. He found a good amount of playing time and is well oriented when it comes to running this offense.

Following the loss, he expressed his thoughts on getting more power inside.

We should hope to see more time from Lightfoot, as his contributions will most likely help Kansas get back on track following their last few losses. It’s hard to tell if he’ll start down the road but if things start to get worse offensively, we may just see him in our starting five. Its obvious Self likes to have him in reserve and this isn’t a bad strategy.

The good news for Mitch is that he is finding solid minutes and helping this team the best he can. Having him come off the bench strong lately is an excellent sign and he’ll likely see more time on the floor against Oklahoma at home on Saturday.