Kansas basketball: TCU matchup presents an opportunity for the Jayhawks’ defense to thrive against one of the conference’s weaker offenses.

Kansas basketball will aim to improve their defense tomorrow against TCU, one of the weaker offensive programs in the conference. Despite their shortcomings, the Horned Frogs boast a decent 9-2 record and shouldn’t be slept on.

Kansas basketball will look to improve after their disappointing home performance against Texas and will find themselves against another talented program from the Lone Star State.

The Horned Frogs have opened their 2020-21 campaign with an impressive 9-2 record and while unranked, they’ve also had a much lighter schedule than most programs in the Big 12.

Regardless, the matchup with TCU will be another opportunity for Kansas to find a groove on defense. Lately, the Jayhawks have struggled to build pressure defensively and it has put Kansas in some tough positions. The recent loss to Texas helped illuminate this gap in their defense.

Defending junior guard RJ Nembhard will be a must, as he averages upwards of nearly 19 points per game. He’s one of the faster guys on the Horned Frogs starting five and has been one of TCU’s larger contributors so far.

The Horned Frogs bring quite a bit of power to the hoop as well, finding common success inside. In transition, they’ve been able to channel dominant power at the hoop.

Kansas will have to lock in and protect the paint, not letting any loose ends leave gaps for TCU to seize upon. Talented defenders Marcus Garrett and Jalen Wilson should be expected to be on their toes to stop the inside attack.

Following their recent loss, the road trip to Fort Worth, TX should help get Kansas back in the groove. TCU has been developing a competitive program and should be taken seriously tomorrow. With a solid offensive presence, Kansas should be able to find success against the Horned Frogs and hopefully come away with another conference win on their record.

Game time is set for Tuesday, December 5th at 9:00 PM CT on ESPN.