Kansas football: Jayhawks gain local defensive commit Dewuan Mack

Kansas football (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Kansas football (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Kansas football secured a local commit from the Lee’s Summit area Wednesday evening. Young talent found locally has been on the rise recently and hopefully Mack can help strengthen the Jayhawk defense.

In a tweet sent out Wednesday around 6:45 pm, Kansas football was able to see the commitment from Dewuan Mack, a junior defensive back from Lee’s Summit North.

Mack has some impressive numbers on his high school career. He’s above the national average for solo tackles with 57 so far in his time at Lee’s Summit North. For three years of play, Mack has some decent highlights available as well. Defensive Coordinator D.J. Elliot will be following his senior year closely in 2021. With the right development in his final year of high school, he could be a solid contributor for Kansas in the future.

Improving our defense is a must for Kansas moving forward. Finding local talent like Mack will open more scholarship opportunities, and hopefully, draw more interest on the defensive side of the ball. Kansas currently has the worst defense in the Big 12, and one of the worst in FBS-Division 1 play.

After looking at one of Mack’s interceptions, he appears to be able to move quickly on his feet and very responsive to when plays go south. This could play into Kansas favor, as too often do we see our defensive backfield very unorganized when there’s a long shot downfield.

Overall, Kansas should keep up with Mack and watch his progress. With the right amount of time in his final year, he could turn into an excellent defender by the time he’s on his way to Lawrence. It’ll be another year before we see Mack in the crimson and blue, but Kansas getting talented defensive commits is a step in the right direction.