Kansas football: Don’t worry, Jayhawks are still set to play Coastal Carolina

After rumors started flying about COVID-19 cases within Kansas football, it looked like the Jayhawks may not play this Saturday, but thankfully that’s not the case.

Kansas football is set to take on Coastal Carolina in the 2020 season opener this Saturday at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, but the game seemed in jeopardy at one point today. It was reported that the Jayhawks had 14 confirmed COVID-19 cases, but the good news is that there was some missing context.

Kansas football student-athletes make up only three active cases and the game this Saturday against the Chanticleers is still on as scheduled per the Lawrence Journal-World.

The originally reported 14 cases was the number of positives over the past four weeks from coaches, staff, student workers, and players within Kansas football. This is certainly good news, given the fact that 14 cases among the athletes right now could have very well canceled the game.

This was also quite the scare, and there will likely be more throughout this season for teams other than Kansas. It’s tough at times to be able to find good information, which makes it important for the athletics departments themselves to set the record straight. In this case, the context was given fairly quickly.

It seems like Kansas Athletics is also doing everything they can to make sure that their athletes are as protected as possible, including very regular testing. The Journal-World article indicates that athletes are tested twice per week, which certainly seems like a good rate. As long as Kansas stays on top of their positive cases and properly follows guidelines, their chances of being able to play the entire season seem pretty good.

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Despite the scare, it looks like we’ll get to see Kansas play at least one football game this season. You can catch the Jayhawks take on the Chanticleers this Saturday at 9:00 pm on FS1.

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