Kansas basketball’s Bill Self No. 1 in Big 12’s best coaches since 2000

There’s no doubt that Bill Self has been great for Kansas basketball, and Self was ranked accordingly as the best coach in the Big 12 since 2000.

Since taking over the head coaching duties for Kansas basketball, Bill Self has dominated the Big 12 Conference. He’s got 15 league titles and over 500 total wins just at Kansas, and he’s certainly earned his place in the Hall of Fame.

Recently, Busting Brackets ranked the top 10 coaches in the Big 12 conference since 2000, and as expected, Self topped the list. He was certainly the obvious choice for No. 1, but another Jayhawks coach also made the list.

Roy Williams, who coached Kansas basketball from 1988 until 2003 also made the list. From 2000-2003, Williams won two conference titles and also took the Jayhawks to a pair of Final Four appearances along with Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich.

Self has an incredible resume at Kansas that includes “The Streak” of 14 straight Big 12 titles and a national title. While Self and Kansas are sometimes scrutinized for their lack of national titles despite their regular season success, the Jayhawks have certainly done well in the NCAA Tournament.

So far, Self has three Final Four appearances as well as a national title during his time at Kansas. The 2020 team would have given Self a great chance to get Final Four No. 4 and maybe even his second national title, but we’ll never know for sure thanks to the coronavirus.

Considering Self is only 57 years old, there’s a good chance that he can continue to build on his already incredible resume for at least another decade and solidify himself even more.

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The dominance he’s displayed in the conference is nothing short of incredible, and there’s no sign of the Jayhawks slowing down. As long as Kansas basketball has Bill Self, the Jayhawks will always be in contention for not only a Big 12 title, but also a national title.