Kansas football: Three things that could be done to increase attendance

Kansas football has struggled to fill the stands in recent years. Here are three ways to lure fans back to David Booth Memorial Stadium.

It’s no secret that Kansas football has struggled for the past decade. The lack of wins has disinterested fans, and as always, there’s a strong correlation between fan interest in winning percentage barring a few outliers like Nebraska.

All isn’t hopeless though for the Jayhawks. The hiring of Les Miles has made fans curious enough to give Kansas another shot, and attendance increased by over 70 percent from the 2018  season to the 2019 season. Here are three ways Kansas Athletics could continue improving attendance, assuming fans are allowed to come to games during the 2020 season.

1. WiFi Connectivity

Students and families want to post pictures of themselves, college football fans want to check the scores of other games, and people want to follow the game on social media. When it comes to WiFi at David Booth Memorial Stadium there’s little to no connectivity once the game starts, and that’s annoying as a fan.

Making sure fans have a strong WiFi connection would easily improve the fan experience, and probably help make it more “cool” to attend games since people could post about them live on Snapchat and other forms of media.

2. Line Length

When Kansas football hosted Kansas State last season, Memorial Stadium was sold out for the first time in what felt like forever. Sadly, many fans were stuck in lines outside the stadium for a good portion of the first quarter.

While this issue isn’t a glaring one during most games, Kansas Athletics really dropped the ball in that situation, which can’t happen. It gives people another reason not to come to games, especially those that haven’t been in a while and may assume that long, slow lines are the norm.

3. Allow “Guests of Students”

When students purchase their all-sports pass or football-only pass, allow them a couple of guest passes as well. This way, students can bring their friends, family, or whoever to a game or two and help fill the stands.

While these three ideas could help put more people in the seats at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, the bottom line is that the product on the field has to improve too. Hopefully Les Miles will break though, and a filled up stadium will be the new norm.