Kansas basketball: Bill Self open to seniors receiving extra year of eligibility

Here is what Kansas basketball head coach Bill Self had to say about the NCAA giving players an extra year of eligibility.

The coronavirus has recently affected multiple sports leagues including NCAA basketball, NBA, MLB, NFL, and others. The only league to completely cancel the remainder of play was, unfortunately, the NCAA which canceled all Spring sports and the highly anticipated March Madness Tournament where Kansas basketball was the favorite.

Unfortunately for seniors Isaiah Moss and Udoka Azubuike they won’t be able to lead the Jayhawks into a deep run towards Atlanta, Georgia in April.

In a phone call with Scott Chasen of 247sports, Coach Self gave his opinion on the idea of seniors from around college basketball being granted an extra year of eligibility.

“At this point in time, I would say yes. I just don’t know, with other [NCAA] bylaws in place, if it would be allowed to be done.”

Coach Self then elaborated on his quote explaining how the choice or granting an extra year to seniors would have a ripple effect on College Basketball.

“Well, I think it’s obviously a great thought and something that you would think would be considered.

Coach Self continued.

“And so, without going into too much detail, I think that it would be something that would be favorable. I think it would certainly also give the NCAA a chance, from an appearance standpoint, to be very pro-student athlete. I think you get into some certain criteria where their hands might be tied a little bit other bylaws that they have already in place.”

Taking into consideration past events and choices from the NCAA the actual probability of the league granting players this extra year is probably pretty slim. Although, the NCAA did not waste any time granting all spring sports players (baseball, softball, and more) another year of eligibility.

In the unlikely event that the NCAA does give seniors an extra year of eligibility, Azubuike likely wouldn’t return; however, Moss could come back. He’d probably start next season, and give the Jayhawks a much-needed shooter from behind the arc.

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Hypothetically, if Azubuike and Moss both returned next year, it would be very reasonable to think there would be a few transfers from current commits the Kansas basketball have.

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