Kansas football needs solidarity to succeed in 2020

Kansas football (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Kansas football (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

In the 2019 Kansas football season, the Jayhawks dealt with lots of uncertainty and odd circumstances. The 2020 season needs to be different.

Kansas football had a chaotic year at times during Les Miles’ first season as head coach. To start off the season, nobody even knew who the Jayhawks’ starting quarterback would be until the very last minute.

Most would probably agree that Miles and the staff made the right decision in naming Carter Stanley as the starter, but the lack of a solid starter certainly made things interesting.

Of course, there was also the Khalil Herbert situation literally right before the TCU game. Herbert was leading the Jayhawks in rushing yards when it was rumored that he would sit out of the TCU game with the intention to redshirt, which came as a shock to the team.

Kansas football proceeded to get blown out by TCU 51-14.

Les Miles also made a mid-season coaching change at the offensive coordinator position after losing to Oklahoma. Miles replaced Les Koenning with young up and comer Brent Dearmon, which was probably for the best.

Of course, there was also the close analysis of the ESPN+ program Miles to Go. Whether or not the reality TV show had a positive or negative effect isn’t exactly known, but it did give fans a unique inside look at Miles and the program.

It also provided the Jayhawks with controversy, for example when Miles said “Who is K-State!” in the locker room after beating Texas Tech. Once again, the Jayhawks failed to show up after the negative publicity, losing 38-10 to the Wildcats.

Some of the shakeups and instability were justified and for the best; however, it can’t be easy to make so many significant changes over the course of one season.

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With Les Miles going into his second season, the Jayhawks and their fans should expect a somewhat smoother year. It’ll be exciting to see what Dearmon and Miles can do with an entire offseason, and hopefully, the 2020 campaign will yield an impressive outcome as a result of more stability.