Kansas basketball needs Isaiah Moss to produce more on the wing

(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Kansas basketball acquired Isaiah Moss this season as a grad transfer from Iowa. He’s got the range, he just needs to knock down the shots.

While he isn’t in the starting lineup (yet), Kansas basketball needs Isaiah Moss to be elite. Bill Self brought in Moss to be the team’s knockdown shooter this season, and while he spaces the floor, Moss hasn’t been amazing yet, or at least as of late.

In his past five games, Moss is 5-for-18 or 28% from behind the arc. Last Saturday against Villanova, Moss was 0-for-5 on the day from the field. That’s not to say the loss is on him since there were definitely a few points where the Jayhawks could have picked up the win.

In the Jayhawks’ other loss to Duke at the beginning of the season, Moss wasn’t able to play due to hamstring energy. It’s becoming evident that Kansas may not need Moss to win, but his presence would certainly help. Even against Dayton in Kansas basketball’s overtime win, Moss scored zero points and attempted only one shot the entire game.

Moss knocking down a couple of three-pointers per game would help Kansas in more ways than one. Obviously, the raw points would increase the Jayhawks’ chances of picking up the win, but another way accurate shooting could benefit Kansas is through spacing.

Moss already spaces the floor since he’s a threat to hit shots from behind the arc, but if he gets hot, or even knocks down one or two, his presence on the court would help the Jayhawks exponentially.

In his last season with Iowa, Moss was a 42% shooter from three-point range, so he can definitely support this Kansas team that lacks a true three-point shooter. He’s already had some big games this season, notably against Monmouth and  Colorado.

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Isaiah Moss is a good basketball player that can help take the Jayhawks to extraordinary heights. Kansas basketball is lucky to have him, and there’s a long way to go this season before things are all said and done. Hopefully, Moss can catch fire at the right time and boost this squad to another Big 12 title and maybe a national title as well.