Top 10 Small Forwards of All-Time at Kansas


1. Paul Pierce: Scored 1,768 points while at Kansas. Great leader on the court, had superior talent to mostly everybody else.

2. Brandon Rush: A superior shooter, and scorer, never had to lead the way while at Kansas. Helped lead the team to the 2008 NCAA title.

3. Maurice Morris: Another guy who played both forward positions when needed. Morris, twin to Markieff, was a great scorer when needed, and rebounder.

4. Milt Newton: Helped lead Kansas to the 1988 NCAA title. Newton emerged as a solid second fiddle to Danny Manning.

5. Paul Endacott: A great forward for Kansas during the 1920’s. Endacott was named the 1923 NCAA player of the year.

6. Billy Thomas: Knocked in 269 three-pointers while at Kansas, good for second-place all-time. A great shooter.

7. Bill Hougland: Another elite forward, who doubled as a guard for Kansas. Great scorer, helped lead USA in their quest for two gold medals. Also helped lead Kansas to the 1952 NCAA title.

8. Kenny Gregory: Scored 1,555 points while at Kansas, good for 15th on the all-time list at Kansas. Great rebounder and three-point shooter.

9. Alonzo Jamison: Dual-forward helped lead Kansas to the 1991 NCAA title game. A serious defensive threat, not much of a scorer.

10. Nick Bradford: Another guy who played great defense, not a big scorer.