Sep 22, 2012; DeKalb, IL, USA; Kansas Jayhawks quarterback Dayne Crist (10) reacts after the game at Huskie Stadium. Northern Illinois defeats Kansas 30-23. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE

Staff Roundtable: Is Dayne Crist Completely At Fault For Struggles?

Throughout the entire 2012 season, many have questioned Dayne Crist and his ability to lead the Kansas Jayhawks to a successful season. In the game against NIU, Crist did not have a successful drive to end the game. After the Huskies took the lead late, Crist could not manage to get the Jayhawks even one first down and Kansas turned over the ball on downs.

But, is it all Dayne Crist’s fault? Some have said that is the offensive line was better that Crist could be able to be more successful for Kansas. Can we blame Crist completely or does he have the “Jay Cutler syndrome?”

George: I believe down the stretch again, Kansas should of run the ball not pass. This again falls on Weis, though Crist isn’t a freshman and should know by now what types of defenses opposing teams run. The offensive line did struggle at times but I believe this is mostly on Crist and Weis.

Ricky: Kansas…terrible. Dayne Crist…terrible. Does anyone see a trend here? Honestly, I have never been and will most likely never be a fan of Dayne Crist. I do not feel like he can successfully lead the Jayhawks to a winning season in 2012. It was shown in the last drive of the NIU game. He couldn’t even complete one pass and his passes were extremely inaccruate. I have heard some say that “Crist is just witnessing what Cutler is feeling with the Bears.” THis means that the O-Line is to blame.

However, I do not think this is the case. I live in Chicago and I watch a lot of Chicago football. Kansas’ O-Line situation is nothing compared to the Chicago Bears O-Line situation. I feel the blames sits all on Dayne Crist’s shoulders. I think it was a “cute” reuniting story for Charlie Weis to coach Crist again, but the Jayhawks will not do well with Crist at quarterback. In 2010, Notre Dame had Tommy Rees (freshman at the time) to take over when Crist was bad.

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