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Kansas Jayhawks Ben McLemore enters diversion agreement

Per, Kansas Jayhawks shooting guard Ben McLemore has entered into a diversion agreement with Douglas County prosecutors. The 19-year-old four-star recruit in the 2011 class will have to pay $160 in court costs as well as a $200 fine.

The SG was one of the top ten recruits at his position in the 2011 class, but the St. Louis star, who later transferred high schools to Humble, Texas, was declared ineligible for his freshman season, as the NCAA ruled him a partial  academic qualifier.

Ben McLemore was caught with alcohol on the 4th of November of last year. He was  given a ticket by an Alcoholic Beverage Control officer after being found drinking a beverage with a mix of Red Bull and vodka at Abe and Jake’s Landing, 8 E. Sixth St.

From the LJ World:

His attorney, Al Lopes, indicated three months ago that he had prepared to pursue a defense of entrapment and alleged an unknown woman bought McLemore the drink that he accepted but planned to dispose of it before drinking it. Prosecutors denied those allegations.

The 6’5″, 185 pound recruit was the 34th best recruit in the 2011 class, and Missouri and Kansas were both going hard after Ben McLemore. The versatile, athletic winger selected KU and will be ready to show off his scoring moves in a presumably significant role on the bench this season.

McLemore has been lauded for his catch-and-shoot game, as he has good range and knocks down mid-range shots with ease with a relatively new and effective pull-up jumper. He isn’t strong, but he is certainly athletic.

Although he can get by with subpar rebounding, that is an area where he needs to improve in. McLemore’s also has subpar handles, which is definitely an area that he needs to work on in order to help become a better scorer and player in college. He already has the makings of an elite scorer and has the raw tools and athleticism to be an impact player.

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