Thomas Robinson or Jared Sullinger?

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Heading into tonight’s heavily anticipated matchup between the Kansas Jayhawks and Ohio State Buckeyes in the Final Four, the onus has been on the tantalizing matchup between big men Thomas Robinson and Jared Sullinger. Both players are touted as two of the best in the nation, and their quality of play is definitely at an elite level. However, the big question is, which is one is better? Thomas Robinson or Jared Sullinger? This isn’t a Coke or Pepsi question, because we all know that Pepsi is watery junk. This is closer to a Barkely or Mailman debate, in that the player you pick is based on an underlying principle that you believe in the most when evaluating players. Check on the last page for our poll, or you can vote for it below here. Just in case you like clicking out of things first.

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