Peace Out, Texas A&M

It’s official.  Texas A&M is leaving the Big XII.  That being the case, where does leaving the Big XII, well, where does that leave the Big XII?  The obvious answer is that it leaves us with 9 teams.  A little over a year ago this conference had 12 teams with 3 of the most storied programs in college football history that had won 4 national championships in the last 20 years (which is nothing compared to the SEC’s 5 in the last 5 years, but compared to all the other conferences, it’s definitely something).  Now, this conference has been relegated to nearly second tier status and Texas’ whipping boys.

With a behemoth like Texas, one of the top 5 football programs in the country, the Big XII could have been proactive and turned themselves into a legitimate power conference.  With 12 teams they could have looked to teams like Arkansas and Iowa and gotten a couple more to find their way to being the first 16 team super conference.  Instead, they were content with the fallout of the conference wars last year and found themselves down 2 teams and weaker as a whole.

Well if the Big XII has a foreseeable future, the time is now.  On the brink of total collapse this conference needs to band together and be proactive.  Take no prisoners and just start trying to steal teams.  Who cares about stepping on toes, breaking up rivalries, or anything of that sort.  The Pac 10 and Big 10 didn’t care about breaking up Nebraska Oklahoma or taking Colorado away even though they both been in there since the Big 8 days.

The Big XII should go after anyone who will listen, without being desperate if that makes sense.  SMU need not apply, but Arkansas does.  Houston might be borderline but Iowa makes more sense.  BYU is a fine candidate, but maybe Colorado State makes more sense, even if they’re not as good at sports.  The problem with all this is that we have all thought out these scenarios but it doesn’t seem like the Big XII has.  Dan Beebe sits in his office and just assume the world keeps on humming without realizing that teams and conferences are out making deals behind his back.

Kansas has lucked out in that their basketball program has kept them in the loop, but this is increasingly becoming about the almighty dollar and that dollar is brought in by football.  Football is where KU lacks in the sports department and if they don’t want to be left behind in the race to the superconference then they need to push the Big XII to find suitable teams to keep this thing afloat.  None of us want to see KU fighting in the Mountain West or MAC.

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