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A Quick Introduction from one of your writers.




I was born in Kansas City, Kan. and I guess you could say I have always and will always hold a special place in my heart for the city that loves its sports as much as its barbecue, which, to be honest, is saying a lot.

I got my start in Journalism as a junior in high school writing for the schools publication, “The Pirates Log.” With that said, my first column, which I do not regret to this day, was 600 words written in black print font on how I thought the then No. 1 boy’s basketball team wasn’t worthy of their ranking, even though everyone in the school disagreed with my thoughts. Let me remind you that in high school being cool is everything. Needless to say, I was not…

I tell you this story not to reminisce on days past or to fill space on a page, but rather as a reminder that as a columnist and a blogger we are asked to supply you with our opinions and ideas, and with that said, what’s popular isn’t always right. The moral of the story is you won’t always read what you want to hear here.  I’m not a homer and never will be, so if you came here expecting to read the same stuff you find on other sites, I’m sorry, but you won’t.

Kansas City is home to me, it is where my heart is and in the future it is where I hope to call home. But right now, Lawrence is what my address reads. I’ve gone through life admiring the words, both spoken and written, of former Kansas City Star columnists Joe Posnanski and Jason Whitlock and I’d like to think their ideas and thoughts have helped shape my views on sports and Kansas City, both as a journalists and a person to this day.

For the past few years I have spent my time developing this craft we call journalism at the University of Kansas. During my time there I wrote a weekly column for University Daily Kansan and served as the Sports Director for the on-campus radio station 90.7 KJHK fm. So I hope you find my credentials worthy.

With that said, the words written on this page are for Jayhawk fans, because they are by one. By simple definition this is another blog about Kansas athletics. However, overtime fellow staff members and myself hope this blog becomes as much yours as it is ours. You should be able to find everything you need here, but all we ask is you read our postings with an open mind. As the Star’s Sam Mellinger once wrote, “You’re free to love it or hate it, digest it or dismiss it.” And here at that’s all we can ask you to do is to take our writings and think about them logically.

As a columnists you’re asked to write an introductory piece, often chronicling what you’ve done for the last X amount of years in your life. This way, you the reader, can tell if you think we are worthy enough to take your time during the morning rush hour, work break or just your casual free time. I hope I have accomplished this in this short write-up. During my time here I hope we are able to tell you the story as it should be told instead of sugar coating it. And in return, all we ask is you provide us with your own thoughts so we can continue to improve ours.

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