Top Conference- Big 12 or Big East?


With the ACC’s recent decline, there is much debate over which conference is truly the toughest in NCAA basketball.

A case could be made for either the Big 12 or the Big East.

  • #3          Pittsburgh
  • #4          Kansas
  • #5          Kansas State
  • #7/9     Connecticut
  • #7/8     Syracuse
  • #8/9     Missouri
  • #10/11 Baylor
  • #12       Villanova
  • #14/16 Georgetown
  • #19/20 Texas
  • #25/-    Notre Dame

Other teams receiving votes:

  • West Virginia
  • Louisville
  • Texas A&M
  • Cincinnati
  • Iowa State

This is the first time in history that Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri have been ranked in the top ten at the same time.

For the non math-geeks, the Big East has 6 out of 16 in the top 25… that’s 37% of the conference

The Big 12 has 5 out of 12 teams ranked, which is 41% of the conference.

What do you think Fieldmice…

What is the toughest conference in basketball?

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  • Allen Fieldmouse

    UConn is obviously overrated, going from unranked to top 10 in one week, based solely on a hot streak in Hawaii. They did beat Michigan St. & Kentucky, though… pretty impressive.

    Texas A&M (5-1) managed to knock Temple (prev #21) out of the rankings, but not decisively enough to overcome their 2 point loss to Boston College on Thanksgiving Day.

    West Virginia probably only got votes because people got them confused with their women’s team, which is ranked #10.

    How Cincinnati got any votes, I’ll probably never understand. Their non-conference schedule is filled with cupcakes like Savannah State, IPFW & Mount St. Mary’s. (Same goes for Iowa St.)