Is it just me, or does Josh Selby seem a lot like a software upgrade?

When Windows Vista was coming out, Microsoft spent a ton of time and money hyping it.  We were told about all of the cool things it could do, and how much it would improve our computers, and make our lives so much better. Unfortunately, this was just hype, and much to Microsoft’s chagrin, most people stuck with Windows XP after hearing the horror stories from people who ‘upgraded.’  Even people who bought new computers with Vista installed, often downgraded the system software because Vista kept crashing.  Who could ever forget the speech recognition calamity that became a youtube hit?

Much like Windows Vista, Josh Selby’s debut has been delayed… but a release date has finally been announced: December 8, against USC.

Since before the start of the season, experts have been talking about Selby in much the same way Microsoft hyped Windows Vista.  I haven’t read one bad thing about him, only how great of a player he is and how much better he will make the Jayhawks if the NCAA ever releases him.  Watching clips of the McDonald’s All-American, it is easy to see why everyone is so high on the incoming freshman, it is also hard to believe that he is only 6’2″.

The Jayhawks have been rolling this year, and even the early tests against Valpraiso and UNT went as smooth as silk.  All of the parts seem to work great together.  Marcus has been as good as we all knew he would, Markeiff has been a lot better than anyone thought, Thomas Robinson has been a terrific sub, and even Jeff Withey has exceeded expectations. But with Tyshawn Taylor, Tyrell Reed, Brady Morningstar, Elijah Johnson, Mario Little and Travis Releford all making good cases for increased playing time, it’s hard to see Selby’s athleticism as anything more than a luxury, at this point- perhaps even an unnecessary, untested upgrade.

Coach Self has seemed to come to grip with Tyshawn’s turnovers, Brady is out of his shooting slump, Tyrell continues to surprise opponents with his quickness, and even Mario and Travis are starting to play up to their potential.  The problem is that all of our guards are shooters and slashers who play really good defense, but there’s not one true point guard in the bunch.  Josh may be an incredible talent, but he’s not a point guard either.

Granted, with the lack of big men on the roster, Coach is going to have to play a lot of three guard sets, and if the Morris twins get into foul trouble at the same time, even putting four guards on the floor is not out of the question.  While I’m as excited as anyone that the NCAA has set the Selby 1.0 release date, I’m afraid that there might be some bugs that haven’t yet been exposed.  Tyshawn Taylor received similar hype before his freshman season, but it’s taken him two seasons of experience and coaching to become a reliable everyday player.

What do you think Fieldmice?  Is Selby ready to be “all-that” already, or will he need some seasoning?

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